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Who We Are

Responsible Action is a nonpartisan advocacy and political impact organization without party affiliation, bias, or designation. We work to advance public policies on the state and local level that improve the lives of all South Carolinians.

Our Mission & Vision
Our Values

Our mission is to move South Carolina towards responsible leadership and governance. We seek to restore faith in elected officials and governance. 


Our vision is a government that puts people over politics.

Our core values are your core values. We believe in following best practices to inform policy that serves all South Carolinians through: 

  1. Responsibility

  2. Action

  3. Good Government and Governance 

  4. Integrity

  5. Transparency

  6. Accountability

About Us


People over Politics

We support and inform elected officials/candidates with research-backed solutions that prioritize the good of the majority over the benefit of the few.


We advocate for and support policies that align with our values and evidence-based policy positions.

What We Offer

Facts & Truth

We stand behind candidates who prioritize facts over extreme beliefs and opinion-based positions.


We believe in advancing compromise and inclusion over hate and exclusion.


We seek to transform South Carolina into a home that works for everyone who lives in and loves our state.


Access to Health

Environments in which we all live, play, learn, and work should support optimal health liberty. Access to the best public health practices or necessary healthcare should not be determined by a person’s zip code, school, or job description.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

The US Constitution states that we are all created equal, and provided life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  However, due to systems that have been in place for longer than any of us have been alive, some people need a hand up to be on equal footing with others.  Everyone who loves our country deserves the opportunity to strengthen the story of America. Every American deserves the same shot at the promises of our Constitution.

Education & Childcare

A society’s success should be defined by how our children are doing.  Children deserve the best environments in which they can be healthy, grow, and learn.  We must give them the best start at life beginning before they are born, through their early years, and when we send them off to technical schools, colleges, into the workforce, and beyond.  Our definition of education must not be limited to academics: It is also defined by the foundational brain function that starts before birth and continues through lifelong learning.  We must live up to our promise of delivering a quality, accessible, inclusive, and developmentally-appropriate education for every child in South Carolina. 

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